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Bizarro Zine 1

Sundae Bloody Sundae -- Avon is in a bad way and Blake and crew make a horrifying discovery about the computer expert's sick compulsion.

Deductions -- It's tax time on the Liberator and Fearless Leader is having a little trouble coping.

Interest Deferred -- Vila pays a visit to a Federation bank--and changes the destiny of the entire galaxy.

Return to Whoopie Three -- Break out the bright tropical shirts and pack your suitcases! An epic excursion jaunt to the vacation spot of the galaxy offers lots of fun for our rebel heroes. It also throws them into a bizarre series of misadventures.

Trick or Treat -- Blake has a plan to steal a vital piece of secret information from Space Commander Travis. Unfortunately, it's in Travis' apartment.

Private Eyes -- That vital piece of secret information surfaces again to dramatic consequences!

Dancin' in the Streets -- An 'innocent stop at a bar' with Vila is an oxymoron.

Wiener Take All -- Horror reigns as Blake is bitten by a were-dachshund and Avon must seek a cure before Fearless Leader seriously embarrasses the Rebellion by eating his crew.

Cartoons and special features galore! Full Color cover. 97 pages of reduced print.

Bizarro Zine #1 on Paper

Bizarro Zine 2

One Alpha to Go -- Avon is abducted. Unless Blake and company can rescue him, he is doomed to be the main attraction and chief bon-bon at Madam Kat's House of Alpha Delights.

Intergalactic Velvet -- Blake isn't going to miss this famous annual horse race, and he isn't going to lose--even if it means Avon has to ride his nemesis, Homicide the horse.

Relativity -- Blake and company meet one of the principal reasons why Kerr Avon is screwed up; his brother Terrick, who seems to have arrived to finish the job.

Bonk the Seven -- Get-um stories are great--but what happens when everybody's hurt and there's nobody left to comfort?

Rebel Radio -- Blake believes that music hath the charm to make the masses rebel, and sets out to assemble a massive pop concert to broadcast across the Federation…with the Liberator as the stage.

The Bizarro Zone -- An ancient evil returns from the mists of time and invades the Liberator. Orac grows legs. Giant demons lurk the corridors of the ship. Can Zen be exorcised in time?

Voice From The Pest -- Rebellion or no rebellion, Blake's most terrifying arch nemesis--his ex wife--insists that he take the kids this weekend. This gives Space Commander Travis a brilliant idea.

And more stories, cartoons and special features! Full color cover. 122 pages of reduced print.

Bizarro Zine #2 on Paper

Bizarro Zine 3

Little Orphan Alpha -- In a concert of bad timing, Blake mindwipes and retrogresses back to his youth as a street thug, just as Avon is abducted by a bounty hunter and ends up back in Madam Kat's. Total mayhem ensues.

Head Over Heels -- The annual Avon family dinner and glix hunt proves to be almost too much for Blake and his followers. Will Vila be eaten by the carnivorous glix? Will Homicide finally even an old score with Kerr Avon? Will Supreme Commander Servalan finally get her hooks into Avon, for that matter? Or is she more interested in Vila...? And then there's…Daddy. Bizarro 7 all the way.

Detour -- It was only a scratch--or so Avon thought.

Kind of a Drag -- Another brilliant plan by the intrepid hero of the rebellion involves lots of make-up and a lovely number from the Liberator's wardrobe room. And Avon.

Sweet, Savage Soma -- Nobody really understands Jenna's fondness for lurid romantic literature. Nobody, that is, but one other member of the crew.

Throwing It All Away -- Depressed over the death of Gan, Blake runs away to Spitworld. There, completely soused, he and Travis set off on a series of drunken adventures together.

Duped Again -- Some of Liberator's crew are laid up at the Clonemasters hospital. Their physician is a madman with half his face in a mask and their candy-striper is a madman with one of his eyes in a patch.

The usual collection of zany cartoons and special features. Full color cover. 122 pages of reduced print.

Bizarro Zine #3 on Paper

Bizarro Zine 4

Stray Thoughts -- What if Spock recaptured the wrong katra atop Mount Sileya on Vulcan?

Still the Dead -- A blood-sucking horror haunts the house where a stranded Blake and his crew are spending the night. To make matters worse, Avon's got a cold. Hey, we've got a sense of priorities, here!

The Heat Is On -- The Shatae slavers were once only a legend, but Blake and his crew, not to mention Servalan and Travis, soon have reason to believe in them when they are all taken prisoner. Will Avon survive being "mated" to Peggy Sue Servalan? More importantly, will the crew survive having to eat Servalan's cooking??

Suit Yourself -- Vila has destroyed the contents of the wardrobe room on Liberator. He and Avon are sent to Pennyworld, an enormous planet-sized mall with a credit card and a mission….

Mutual Policy -- After two years with a crew like his, you'd think Blake would have taken out some insurance.

Seems Like Old Times -- It was only going to be an innocent evening of fine dining at Woodyfroom's Place. That was before Tarrant went berserk with the cocktail umbrellas and Dayna started stealing the silverware and stuffing it down her cleavage.

Hernia -- Destiny comes calling for Blake in the depths of the forest--and he mindwipes.

Cash On Deliverance -- Vila's addiction to the Dome Shopping Club channel may be the Liberator's ruination--or it's salvation.

Gumbit -- A secret recipe for Time Lord brownies, Reptilian clean freaks, Orac as Tupperware and homicidal chairs. The Bizarro 7 version of what happened on the Rink.

Vila Don't Lose My Number -- Crockett and Tubbs pick up an odd, shady little character on the streets of Miami.

And more cartoons, stories and special features. 116 pages of reduced print.

Bizarro Zine #4 on Paper

Bizarro Coloring Book

For those who can't read…no excuses! Nothing but page after page after page of Bizarro 7 illustrations, old and new, ready to color. A visual feast. Spiral bound for easy working.

Bizarro Coloring Book on Paper

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